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Imagine a backdrop of historical buildings, a violet sky, horse drawn carriages and that special magic in the air that only New Orleans can provide.

Historic courtyards populated with lush gardens, fountains and old world charm set the scene for intimate receptions and ceremonies. Guest rooms overlooking French Quarter streets are sure to give the bride and groom the perfect romantic start to their new life together. Whether it’s the friendly faces you will see, the gourmet food, or the culture there’s no better place than the New Orleans French Quarter to have your special day.

Host your reception at a place that truly brings people together. Have a ceremony in a city known for romance. Each French Quarter hotel listed here is well versed in providing you the best and most memorable wedding day possible.

The French Quarter Collection of Hotels’ professional staffs are always happy to answer any questions you have about your wedding day. Simply complete the form below and give us an idea of what you have in mind. We’ll know just the thing.

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