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Le Richilieu Hotel's celebrity spotted past

October 2 2013 | News

One of the best things about hotels in New Orleans is their rich, deep history. Countless people have walked in and out of their doors, making friends with the hotel owners and learning the bar tenders’ names. Hotels here are more than just places to sleep – they’re often like second homes since many of the guests tend to be repeat visitors.

In a city that’s popular among artists, musicians, writers and others in the creative industry, it should come as no surprise that many celebrities have stayed in these hotels; this is especially true for the ones in the French Quarter.

Hotel Le Richelieu in particular has a star-studded past. Hundreds of photos of celebrities hang on the walls of the bar, most with messages made out to the hotel’s owner or a bar tender. Each have stayed in the hotel, often multiple times. Why? A couple of reasons are the hotel's great location in the French Quarter, the great rooms, and a staff that's easy to get attached to. 

Even Darth Vader agrees. Seriously - he stayed here:

He's not the only one easily found on the hotel bar wall. Music fans everywhere will quickly recgonize Ray Charles smiling not too far away:

Another musician who made the wall is Paul McCartney. Doesn't he look like he's been traveling a while?


There are so many more fun photos to look at of past hotel guests. Strike up a conversation with one of the employees and we bet you'll hear a good story or two. 


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