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7 Prized Mardi Gras Throws You

January 22 2016 | News

muses shoeBeads are the most visible Mardi Gras throws, and kids and adults alike may fight over stuffed animals, swords, and spears, but some throws stand above the rest in terms of value and bragging rights. Here are seven types of Mardi Gras throws you’ll love to take home with you.

Zulu Coconuts

Arguably the best-known and most highly coveted throw, custom, handmade Zulu coconuts can be difficult to find and necessary to fight for, but you’ll come away with one of the most treasured prizes of Mardi Gras. They’re handed to the crowd now instead of thrown for safety reasons, so dress your best and fight for eye contact with krewe members to catch their attention.

Muses Shoes

Second maybe only to the Zulu coconut is the also custom-made Muses shoe, which are usually bejeweled and bedazzled to the max. They’re a rare prize to win, so ham it up to the ladies doling them out.

Iris Sunglasses

Hand-decorated sunglasses are the prized throw from the Krewe of Iris and still another instance where you’ll have to charm the ladies who made them if you want to take one home.


Usually pressed with the krewe’s name, the year, and a unique design, doubloons are a favorite catch and even a collectible item for those who will cherish them for years to come. You’d be astounded at the doubloon collections some Mardi Gras lovers have amassed over the decades.


Like doubloons, cups are usually customized each year with the name of the krewe, year, and a themed design, but cups have another benefit: being functional as well as fashionable. It’s best to clean them first if you’re considering using them on the parade route, but many a home has its own stash of Mardi Gras cups lining the kitchen cabinet.

Moon Pies

Getting hungry on the parade route? There’s nothing like a sweet bite of a moon pie to carry you over till your next meal, and many krewes will toss them to ravenous revelers. If you’ve never tasted one yourself, they’re marshmallow crème stuffed between two soft graham crackers and covered with chocolate or banana icing.

Handmade Crafts

DIY throws are becoming more common each year and are especially popular for the smaller Mardi Gras krewes and marching parades in the French Quarter, Marigny, and Bywater neighborhoods. From uniquely decorated oyster shells and wine corks to keychains and bottle openers, these handmade throws are personalized and one-of-a-kind keepsakes from your Mardi Gras experience.

Anyone can walk back to their home or hotel with a neck full of beads, but come away from your parade experience with any of these beloved throws, and you’ll have a memento you’ll proudly display on your mantle.

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